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"Daniel Bernstein, L. Ac. condenses decades of clinical experience with insomnia into a hands-on approach that the sleep-deprived have long awaited.
With Rewired for Sleep, he delivers the goods."

David Post, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

Having trouble sleeping?

For the last 25 years, sleep specialist Daniel R. Bernstein, L. Ac., has been helping people with sleep issues get a good night's rest without the use of drugs. With his groundbreaking book, Rewired for Sleep, he opens his doctor's bag of tools, techniques and tricks and provides clear, engaging explanations of how to make them work for you. Whether your problem is getting to sleep, staying asleep or both, there is a natural solution. The exciting part? it's within you. 

The good part? You don't have to do this alone

The Rewired for Sleep Method

The Rewired for Sleep Method is built on a lifetime of research into causes and treatments of insomnia and anxiety. My principle has always been that nothing is off limits, if it works and contributes to a patient’s overall health. The result is a tried and tested multiple modality approach. The treatment types, tools and techniques in Rewired for Sleep are drawn from ancient and modern healing practices and traditions from across the world:

From China: Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, acupressure, Qi Gong, Meridian Tapping and internal strengthening exercises.
From India: Yogic breath work, guided visualization and easy-to-do forms of meditation.
From South America: Traditional, natural herbal medicine and preparations.
From Ancient Greece and Egypt: Hypnosis and trance healing insight and techniques.
From Modern Western neuroscience: Neuroplasticity, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques and Affirmations.

The Rewired Sanctuary


The 28-Day Insomnia Repair Program

To help you find an insomnia solution that works for you, I have created the Rewired Sanctuary. As a roadmap, we have provided a guided process using powerful audio recordings as simple tutorials, exercises and guided visualizations. 

The free Rewired Sanctuary resources provide a complement to the techniques and tools in the book. If you are having a bad night, a bad week or dealing with chronic insomnia, help is right here, right no

This library of MP3 downloads, printable worksheets for the exercises, member discounts on music leads to access to the unique online version of the 28-Day Insomnia Repair Program.

Explore Rewired Resources

Used together, the book and  the resources on this website offer a personal approach to repairing your old sleep habits, and are a doorway to new, healthy ones .


The 28-Day Insomnia Repair Program is a unique supplementary online resource to the Daniel Bernstein's book, Rewired for Sleep. If you're determined to crack your insomnia issues for once and for all, and like to do things systematically, the simple audio-visual night-by-night guidelines will help you stay on track and bring the exercises and techniques in the book to life. Find out more...


Rewiring your mind to overcome insomnia is a journey involving learning, experimenting and exploring within yourself. The Deeper Levels collection has free resources to help you learn and practice the exercises in the book. Find out more...


I have recorded a collection of Guided Meditations to help you to enter a trance state at home and access a place of peace, calm and ultimately restful sleep. 


To help you focus on your personal process of discovery and repair, I have developed a range of materials to supplement the book. There are, video tutorials and demos, clear acupoint diagrams arranged by conditions and printable worksheets for exercises and daily record-keeping to help you keep your Sleep Journal.


Download free audio recordings of the meditations and exercises from Rewired for Sleep. There is also a collection of music for deep relaxation .

Rewired Explorers

Dip in and try out some Rewired for Sleep resources free of charge right now.

Need more personal help?

Sleep Matters

at Blue Phoenix Wellness

Virtual Treatments - Telemedicine Worldwide

I am now taking bookings for virtual treatment sessions using various modalities including hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other methods for creating rapid change. This enables me to provide you with support and treatment for your insomnia (and many other issues) in the comfort of your own home. This has two terrific advantages:

You don’t have to be in NYC – you can be anywhere in the world as long as we can meet via Facetime on New York time.

You don’t have to travel home after your treatment.

Head on over to Blue Phoenix Wellness to find out more:

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