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I’d like to thank you for taking the time to explore this site. It was built so anyone who wants to regain control of their lives and start sleeping again can do so. The thing is, you’re not alone. Let’s do this together.  

First, a little about me. In 1990, I was battling anxiety, fatigue and lifelong insomnia, when Chinese medicine came to the rescue. Intrigued  by this “new” healing paradigm, I let go of a career in music and dove into a four-year graduate program, becoming licensed in 1995.

Eventually, I focused on sleep-related problems, and Chinese medicine was up to the task. Still and all, a percentage of patients would get better, but then relapse. The culprit was staring me in the face: environmental stressors, tainted food, erratic schedules and prescription pad medicine. I saw that if I wanted to make a real difference, it would mean “upping my game”.   

So began a study of other systems. Borrowing from cutting-edge science and from ancient cultures, in time I added a cache of dependable, safe methods to my tool kit. If one wasn’t helping, we had options. As patients reported diminished anxiety and improved sleep, I knew we were on the right track. 

Over time, patients hoping to do the work on their own would ask me for a template. I saw it as an opportunity to share with others what had worked with so many. And so, Rewired for Sleep was born. My hope is that as you use these simple tools, along with the 28-Day program, you’ll regain your innate ability to sleep through the night. 

On occasion, someone will ask me how I came to the work, and to this book. The roots of Rewired for Sleep are entwined with early memories in my grandmother’s kitchen, in Argentina. I’d watch Doña Regina peel an orange in a single, long curlicue before pinning the rind to a wall overnight to make digestive tea. I recall peeking from a doorway as she placed fire-heated glass cups on a person’s back in order to treat asthma, or muscle pain. The mother of seven had an arsenal of wise-woman tools that had been handed down to her by her mother, all part of a great oral tradition that has largely fallen by the wayside.

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