Anxiety & Insomnia

“Anxiety keeps me awake”

“I’ll be ok for days at a time. Suddenly it seems everything is wrong. Anxiety paralyzes me.”

We usually think of anxiety as being specific to hurried, modern times. We are comforted by our belief that ancient people had none of our agitation and stress or that, if they did, they experienced them to a far lesser degree. It turns out that the human animal has always been a squirrelly creature. In fact, anxiety is hard wired into us with two neural pathways that can initiate it.  In my book, Rewired for Sleep, one of the case histories related to anxiety is that of Edward. Ever since he was 12 he suffered with panic attacks and anxiety due to unresolved guilt. I showed him several exercises that allowed him to shift his brain chemistry using bilateral stimulation, and with specific herbs that helped relax him.

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