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That’s Ollie the Owl. Why did I pick the image of an owl for the Sleep Blog? Well, aside from the fact that we all LOVE owls for their innate wisdom and cuteness, they often represent nocturnal animals everywhere. Now, I know you probably have little desire to be associated with anything nocturnal but would rather be sleeping through the night. Point taken. So in my little corner of the known universe, I choose to make the Ollie the Owl Spirit Animal of wondrous, delicious, Sleep; know that Ollie is watching over us all, that he is the Dream Catcher.

Welcome to my Sleep Blog. This is where I get to share my thoughts and experiences drawn from over 25 years as an acupuncturist, hypnotherapist and sleep specialist. The opinions, facts and fancies are wholly mine and as such intended to be received in that spirit.

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