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Drugs & Insomnia

How to deal with insomnia related to or caused by drug addiction issues, or to avoid using drugs of any kind and instead find natural sleep remedies that work for you.

“I’m addicted to meds and can’t sleep”

The goal of Rewired for Sleep is to help you to avoid using medication of any kind to help you with insomnia in the first place, and instead to offer you natural remedies and techniques. However, many of my patients have a long history of attempting to resolve their insomnia issues through conventional medicine and as a result have found themselves with an addiction problem that only makes matters worse.

And of course, sometimes insomnia is a direct result of an addiction issue, whether to drugs or alcohol.

In Rewired for Sleep I talk about Raymond’s path toward weaning himself off drugs. It wasn’t easy, requiring a veritable village of tools.  If you are addicted to medication, do not make sudden changes on your own but get help from a primary health care provider or other informed therapist to guide you in the process.

Expect withdrawal symptoms. In Rewired for Sleep we  help people struggling with addiction to safely use tools that can help ease the process.

One such tool comes from Chinese medicine and utilizes acupoints on the body to ease nausea, anxiety, pain and cravings. Other tools include breathing exercises, Autogenic Training, Meridian Tapping and self-hypnosis. Rewired for Sleep is geared to help you ease the physical and emotional discomfort and lower the cravings of any kind of addiction.

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