Pain-related Insomnia

“Pain is stopping me sleeping”



There’s nothing more “real” than being unable to sleep due to pain. It’s a double whammy that can really call our life into question. That said, we know that pain is also subjective. If you had a horrible migraine, and a lion suddenly appeared, that migraine would quickly disappear.

Acupressure is a powerful method for diminishing physical pain, and many acupoints are explored in Rewired for Sleep.  We can also do same thing using the mind. I show a patient experiencing pain several protocols.

One is called Desensitize Touch Protocol. Rooted in a law of Physics which states that two objects can not occupy the same physical space, we use DTP to diminish pain. Meridian Tapping is another method, among others, that we use to help ease pain and thereby get a full night’s rest. We mention several liniments that also are excellent for all sorts of pain. For more information on how to ease back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain or other physical discomfort, pick up Rewired for Sleep.

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