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Audio Trance & Meditations

When you just want to rest, now...

Simply lie back, get your headphones on and hit Play. Take a few long, slow, belly breaths and allow your mind to drift away. These recordings are ideal for the small hours, when sleep feels a million miles away.

The Rewired Insomnia First-Aid Kit

If you're having a bad night, or going through a stressful, sleepless period, it can be hard to find the will to take positive steps. Here are ten simple steps to put you on the path to a better night's rest.

Try a little Acupressure

These 2 pressure zones are among many that you can help you relax. Before bed, gently massage each one 24 times in each direction while taking long, slow breaths. The book, Rewired for Sleep has many other techniques you can use as well.


Tune into music to dream to

If you've never experienced the power of binaural beats as a means to access deeper states of consciousness, my sleep and relaxation music collection is a great opportunity to discover this pleasure. Tune out of the stresses of the day and into the dream zone.

  1. Trance-itory Existence – Sample Clip The Blue Phoenix 1:42

Better sleep can change your life. Certainly, it's a first step toward regaining your health on every level. It just starts with your sleep habits. Whether insomnia is the cause of ill health or a symptom of it, your immune system hangs on good sleep. Give yourself the gift of health...with healthy sleep.

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