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In Case of Insomnia...

Do not break glass–or anything else, please. OK, so you’ve shown up on this page because you’re awake, you feel ragged, and you’re dreading the morning. What to do? I’ve selected a few of the tools and resources from Rewired for Sleep so that you can not only find some immediate relief but also begin to find your bearings with the Rewired method.  Your journey to sleep starts here….

1. Audio Trance & Meditations

When you just want to go to sleep NOW...

Couldn't be easier. Lie back, get your headphones on and hit Play for an easy, soothing way to help you relax and sleep. Ideal for the small hours, when it's clear your attempts to drop off are failing and you need to access some deep chill right here and now.

Start taking control of your sleep

When sleepless nights are becoming a recurring issue it's time to take control with a proactive approach. Here are ten simple steps to put you on the path to a better night's sleep. You can start right now and set yourself up for a better night tonight.

Before Bedtime...

Turn off all LED lights in your bedroom, as they interfere with your sleep cycle! 

Make yourself a calming, chamomile tea (Rewired has many alternatives as well). 

Listen to a meditation recording  – Honduran Rainforest is right here

Take a hot bath with Epsom Salts to relax your muscles.

Massage the two acupoints from the diagram below. You can also use a relaxing essential oil. 

When the night isn't going well...

If you are awake after 20 minutes, get up tidy up your home for 15 minutes.

Listen to a meditation recording, or to music that is calming and lyric-free.

Take long, slow, deep breaths and gently massage one or two acupoints.

Listen to Progressive Muscle Relaxation, it’s an exercise from the book.

If you are feeling anxious, or your heart is racing or you feel panicky, listen to  Autogenic Training

Extra help: Music to dream to

  1. Trance-itory Existence – Sample Clip The Blue Phoenix 1:42

3. Get serious about sleep: Get Rewired

Better sleep can change your life. Rewired for Sleep: The 28-Day Insomnia Repair Program will teach you how to think differently about every aspect of your sleep habits and to understand what drives your insomnia. The bottom line is that regardless of whether insomnia is the cause of mental and physical ill-health, or a symptom of it, you CAN stop sleeplessness naturally, without drugs. There is no ONE cure - it's all about finding out what works for YOU.

Once you’ve purchased Rewired for Sleep and upgraded to membership on the Rewired Sanctuary, you can truly start rewiring your mind for sleep. The 28-Day Program will reward you with greater control of your mind, and your body. Among the tools you’ll have at your disposal:

Autogenic Training (Recording)
Six Healing Sounds (Recording)
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Recording)
Four Step Trauma Intervention
The Reverse Spin
Self-Hypnosis (Recording)
Inner Smile Meditation (Recording)
Anti-Anxiety Anchor
Microcosmic Orbit (Recording)
Butterfly Hug, and many other techniques to help you sleep through the night.

Acupoints for Insomnia

Massage points 24 times in each direction.

*Rewired for Sleep has detailed diagrams and information on points to use for dozens of conditions including Anxiety, Stress, Depression, PTSD, Pain, Adrenal Fatigue and Digestive Issues. Rewired Sanctuary members have access to online acupoint galleries and convenient tap-to-view diagrams that accompany the daily guides in The 28-Day Insomnia Relief Program.

Virtual Treatments

Sleep Matters

at Blue Phoenix Wellness

Treatment by Facetime - Worldwide

I am now taking bookings for virtual treatment sessions using various modalities including hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other methods for creating rapid change. This enables me to provide you with support and treatment for your insomnia (and many other issues) in the comfort of your own home. This has two terrific advantages:

You don’t have to be in NYC – you can be anywhere in the world as long as we can meet in New York time.

You don’t have to travel home after your treatment.

Head on over to Blue Phoenix Wellness to find out more:


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