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The Blue Phoenix Sundown Collection

The Blue Phoenix

Regular Price $27.95 Rewired members price: $24.95

All the Blue Phoenix tracks as a collection for personal listening or to accompany therapy or relaxation classes.

Download nearly two hours of resonant, tension-releasing music with 4 tracks to help you meditate, relax or sleep and one to energize and raise your Qi when it’s time to make a move again.

Listen to sample tracks:
  1. Long Embrace of the Rimpoche – Sample Clip The Blue Phoenix 1:36
  2. Tubular Background – Sample Clip The Blue Phoenix 1:34
  3. Trance-itory Existence – Sample Clip The Blue Phoenix 1:42
  4. Liquid Oxygen – Sample Clip The Blue Phoenix 1:37
  5. Breakfast of Shamans – Sample Clip The Blue Phoenix 1:44
Track Lengths:

The Long Embrace of Rimpoché 25:18
Trance-Itory Existence 33:50
Liquid Oxygen, Extended 18:00
Tubular Background 29:14
Breakfast of Shamans 11:44
Total playing time: 1:58:06

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Regular Price $27.95 Rewired members price: $24.95

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