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First, celebrate this self-care milestone, your diligence has paid off. You’ve now got some powerful tools for change under your belt including Autogenic Training, PMR, and Inner Smile. Follow the suggestions below, and join the Rewired Sanctuary for other helpful recordings free of charge. You may even want to check out acupuncture, it’s the bomb!

Review your Sleep Journal

The primary goal of the 28-Day Insomnia Repair Program has been to provide you with an organised way to try out the Rewired library of sleep resources and to keep a journal of your personal impressions and reactions.

As you re-read the notes you made through the program, you may well want to create a new section where you review your discoveries and what you learned about yourself. What worked and what didn’t. Now is the time to firm up your toolkit for ongoing or future use.

Check out your Favorites

If you have made use of the Favorite feature through the course you will probably know that you can find everything you starred on your profile page.

Now is a good time to return and look at these. You might want to thin out your list a bit or make a list of the ones that were most important for you. Make sure you have a nice, easy way to find them again should you experience a sleepless spell.

Make some decisions

The 28-Day Program is just the start of your journey to repair your insomnia. You can return to use the Program any time you feel the need. Plus, your personal profile page now has all your favorite features so you can find them quickly.

The point is that taking care of your wellbeing is a lifelong journey. Make it a conscious one. In simple terms that means having a firm plan for when you are not doing too well and making it easy for yourself to get it together. Keep your Rewired Resources where you can find them

And where to now?

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