Before you begin....

Let’s lay down some guidelines to help you get the most benefit from the program. 

There are 6 points in the slideshow, it’s well worth reading them all. You’ll find a link to this page on the menu that is easily accessible on the right hand side of each page in the program.

1.Turn the lights down low….
You’ll notice that it’s gotten a little bit darker in here! That’s because you’ll very likely use these pages in bed at night and the last thing you want is bright light coming from your device.
2. Commit to your Program routine
Work out how your Program Time is going to fit in with your life and schedule. You’ll be experimenting with a few activities each day and most days listening to an audio recording at bedtime. As you become familiar with the program, you’ll begin to create your own routine. Before you know it, by the end of the 28 Days you’ll have plenty of techniques, tools and resources to help you sleep.
3. Get the Book
You can get plenty of benefit from following the 28-Day Program even if y ou don’t own the book but a whole lot more if you read it!

4. Begin your Sleep Journal
Keep a journal in order to gain awareness around your patterns and habits around sleeping. Your journal will serve as a guide to help you get the most from the Program. Use a special notebook, a loose-leaf binder or set it up online.

You can download a sample printable page to get you started.
Download a sample printable page to get you started.
5. Collect Bookmarks
Throughout the program, you’ll find that Rewired for Sleep resources are free and easy to access on every page via the slide-out menu on the left. See what works for you and use the Bookmark button when you want to save anything that you find beneficial or if you want to save your place in the Program. You can sign up to save your Bookmarks or view your Bookmarks here.
6. Keep your Program Fluid—and Fun!
Think of your program as a free-flowing experiment that has no right or wrong attached to it. Stick to it, and you may find it works powerfully on your behalf. But even if you skip a few days because life got messy or you simply lost the thread, know that you can pick up where you left off!
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