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Welcome to Week Four

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Week Four: Magical Mystery Microcosmic Orbit…

For the last week (and you may continue to do this work for as long as you like), fly solo using whatever tools most helped you. Before you start the week, take some time to review the past 3 weeks of your Sleep Journal and also your personal Favorites. If you feel so inclined you might like to start extending your Sleep Journal into a Dream Journal as well.

Throughout the week, repeat what worked for you or explore Guided Meditations and Accessing Deeper Levels and  try new methods.

Create a new page in your Sleep Journal and write down what you would like your nightly routine to be in the future. You might also create some items based on particular issues with your preferred methods for dealing with them, so that when the need arises you are not casting around for a way through, you can look to your Sleep Journal and find your own “recipe” for knocking a panic attack or a night when anxiety keeps you from sleeping, out of the park with tried and trusted methods.

Don’t forget that Rewired for Sleep Club Members can also download mp3s of the Guided Meditations and Exercises for use on your own device.

This is your guideline, make it specific to your needs.

What you need:

All you need this week are items you already have. However, to celebrate completing your program, you might like to indulge yourself with a sleep-related treat like a Lavender-based Aromatherapy Bath Potion, a new pair of luxury pyjamas, or a luxury spa day. Spoil yourself!

Let's do it...:

Starting Week 4

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