Rewired for Sleep: 28-Day Insomnia Repair Program

Welcome to Week One

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This is Set up Week: Preparing for the Trek

Your first task: do the V-A-K Sensor

The V-A-K Sensor is the first exercise in Rewired for Sleep (Chapter 1: The Insomniac’s Guide to the Underworld). It’s designed to identify the main sensory filter through which you perceive the world. Read why it’s valuable to do the V-A-K, then go ahead and listen to it here on the site. Once you’ve discovered your sensory “type”, it’ll come in handy with other exercises—and, as bonus, you can use your sensor as a source of relaxation in of itself.

List some possible causes of your insomnia

For your first Sleep Journal entry, read the article “Barriers to Sleep”. Download the  printable pdf provided. and use it to create your own entry point into your program. You can grade them in order – Constant, Frequent and Occasional for instance, or 1 to 5 and afterwards complete a short private questionnaire to help you focus your intention on your program. You can revisit this list after 28 days and see where you are then.

What you need:

Acupressure & Auriculotherapy tools:

For your Bath before Bed:

  • Epsom Salts
  • Eucalyptus Oil


How is your bedroom? This might be a nice time to treat yourself to some new bed linen and pillows, or even a new bed!

You might like to use a Fitbit or another similar wearable device to track your hours of sleep accurately.

A clock which allows you to set a musical alarm of your choice. (you can use the one on your phone, just remember to disconnect wifi when you settle to sleep).

Let's do it...:

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