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Week Three: The Quick Change Artist, or the 7-Day Challenge

In Week Three we incorporate the Neuroplasticity Challenge into your Sleep Repair Program. The 7-Day Challenge is explained in full in Rewired for Sleep.

“Every species thrives on the habitual. When we repeat actions that are familiar to us, we keep stress at bay and enhance our chances of survival. Inversely, when we engage in new activities that have positive consequences, that also has the effect of upping our game and thus raising our chances of survival.

The 7-Day Neuroplasticity Challenge makes a game of exploring the “new.” Go the full week if possible. We all have repetitive patterns of behavior, some of which we continue doing even when they no longer serve us. If that sounds like something you might do, it’s not an opportunity to beat yourself up. If anything, it’s an open door to locating patterns that support you in the most vibrant way possible. The goal isn’t to change who you are, but to give you options. One such option might include sleeping fully through the night.”

Rewired for Sleep


During the week, use your Sleep Journal to note down your ideas for your Neuroplasticity Challenge and record your impressions. Get creative and have fun with it!

What you need:

  • Purchase TurmeriCola ingredients: Turmeric root (preferably fresh but if not, powdered organic is fine), Tamarind fruit, Lemons and Honey.

Let's do it...:

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