The Insomnia First Aid Kit

10 quick tips to sort out a sleepless night

Are you having a Sleep Emergency? If you’re on this page because you’re awake, you feel ragged, and you’re dreading the morning, here are 10 simple quick relief tips based on the tools and resources from Rewired for Sleep. You can start right now and set yourself up for a better night’s sleep tonight.

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Before Bedtime...

Turn off all LED lights in your bedroom, as they interfere with your sleep cycle! 

Make yourself a calming, herb tea. Chamomile is a great choice and you’ll find many more in Rewired for Sleep

Listen to a meditation recording  – Honduran Rainforest is right here

Take a hot bath with Epsom Salts to relax your muscles.

Massage the acupoints Anmian and Yintang. You can find them on the Rewired Explorer page. You can also use a relaxing essential oil. 

When the night isn't going well...

If you are awake after 20 minutes, get up tidy up your home for 15 minutes.

Listen to a meditation recording, or to music that is calming and lyric-free.

Take long, slow, deep breaths and gently massage one or two acupoints.

Listen to Progressive Muscle Relaxation, it’s an exercise from the book.

If you are feeling anxious, or your heart is racing or you feel panicky, try listening to Autogenic Training

When sleepless nights are becoming a recurring issue, it's time to take control with a proactive approach. I wrote my book Rewired for Sleep: The 28-Day Insomnia Repair Program so that anyone can learn to understand the drivers behind their insomnia, identify the causes and create your own personal and powerful Insomnia Repair strategy.

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