If Your Child Wets the Bed

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Your Child Wets the Bed (Enuresis).

I needn’t go into the many ways that enuresis negatively impacts on your child (usually it’s boys) and on you. You’ve scoured the net and probably know more than I do that there are many possible contributing factors. Among them:

  • Check to see if there is secondary gain by being allowed to get into bed with mom and dad.
  • Consider if your child is afraid of the dark, and the hallway to the bathroom is dark and scary. If that is the case maybe a night light would solve the issue.
  • Perhaps your child plays hard during the day and then sleep too soundly to wake up enough to get out of bed. Again, a night light might help.


Some Solutions for Bedwetting:

  • Have your child get involved helping to change the sheets in a non-judgmental way.
  • If the mattress is wet, have them move to a sleeping bag instead of mom and dad’s bed.
  • It’s possible your child’s bladder has not developed enough to ‘carry the load’ overnight and he will outgrow it in his own time.
  • Tiger Warmer or Acupoints you may use: Ki 1, Ki 6, Du20, PC6, Ming Men (See pediatric chart in Rewired for Sleep).
  • Hypnosis*

Oftentimes when people with children hear that hypnosis is effective for nightmares, or for enuresis (bedwetting), they are initially horrified at the idea of someone “controlling” the mind of their child. Here then, are some simple questions and answers around this issue.

Q: Does Hypnosis Reprogram my Child’s Brain?
A: No, and Yes.

Hypnosis is a known and effective way of treating bedwetting and other issues because it focuses on the subconscious mind. It is the subconscious that controls the bodily functions including the urinary function, and it alerts the conscious mind if it is necessary to arise and empty the bladder. Through simple suggestive techniques the subconscious can be trained to perform these functions so that the child’s brain is re-programmed to tell the body to respond to signs of urination even if the child is sleeping.

Q: Can a Child Even Respond to Hypnosis?
A: Children are very responsive to suggestions.
Typically, hypnosis entails giving indirect, and often direct, suggestions to a person so they can enlist their subconscious mind. It has been found that children are often more open to suggestions than adults because they’re already in touch with their fantasy life.

Q: Is Hypnosis Safe for my Child?
A: Yes. And doubly so when compared to most medications.
One of the best things about hypnosis treatment is that it is 100% safe and effective. Most health experts suggest that in treating bedwetting, it is important to consider the safety of the child. Using medications will only cause more problems.Hence, hypnosis is the more viable technique in treating bedwetting. Besides, it is even more enjoyable and enlightening for children.

Q: Is Hypnosis Effective
A: Yes, hypnosis generates self-esteem, and self-care.
Hypnosis generates positive reactions. This is because after a series of two or three sessions, your child will see that there is nothing wrong with him or her and that bedwetting is just a stage in which he or she will soon outgrow. The hypnotic process triggers the mind to have control of their mind and body.  This naturally leads to greater self confidence and increased self-esteem.

Q: Why is Hypnosis Preferable to talk therapy for Bedwetting?
A: Because Hypnosis directly addresses the subconscious.
Hypnosis seeps through the child’s subconscious thoughts. Because bedwetting usually occurs on their subconscious state, when sleeping, it is best to treat the problem on that stage. In this process, the brain is subconsciously re-programmed to handle the problem effectively.

Q: Can my Child be Traumatized by Hypnosis
A: No. If anything, it’s like a daydream.
Children are known to be great advocates of fantasy and daydreaming. That is why hypnosis will work for them. In hypnosis, everything will appear like a daydream, where everything is enlightening and remarkable delightful. Thus, they will have better responses to this kind of therapy.

Q: Will my Child Act Strange or sleepy Afterwards?
A: No. hypnosis stimulates and supports brain function.
Hypnosis helps the brain to focus on those areas require attention. We may create imaginary machines, or friendly animals that give them more control of the environment, and themselves.  And when children are more in control of their functions, they become more confident in their ability to do everything they want if they just put their mind to it.

Q: What Might a Hypnosis Session Look Like?
A: There is no set method and the way we proceed may depend on their age.
I may set up a safe space where the child is encouraged to engage in a mental process of locking up the door to the bladder; they then stand sentries on guard (perhaps their favorite animal such as a frog may be the guard), arranging for messages to be sent to the brain to WAKE UP when the bladder is full and walk to the toilet.

I often suggest going through the normal night-time rituals (brushing teeth, putting on DRY pajamas etc); I’d suggest they see themselves getting into a nice warm DRY bed. At if at any time during the night the urge to go arises, that they’ll simply wake up and go to the bathroom. I have him picture himself flushing the toilet and then getting back into a nice DRY bed. Then when they wake in the morning, they’re in the nice DRY bed wearing the nice DRY pajamas.

*Should you decide to take your child to a hypnotherapist, I tell parents move the bedroom furniture around to signal there is change coming.

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